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With little experience in Search Engine Optimization, choosing to rank your own website could take up too much of your invaluable time, which you could put to much better use in other areas of your work. Assigning an SEO service provider such as SEO Geek can provide you with increased time and additional business interest for an extremely competitive rate. Ensuring your website is optimized efficiently also allows your business to benefit from both online and offline customers.

For a website to be search engine friendly it needs to be attractive to the search engines but also user friendly for the visitor. It is combining these two issues that is the art of increasing web traffic and revenue. The SEO Geek has successfully optimized sites in a number of arenas for example construction, art, signage and property. The SEO Geek welcomes optimization projects in any arena and will undertake an initial consultation with you prior to commencement of optimization to ascertain your specific needs.

Our main strength at SEO Geek rests in listening to our clients and providing for them a full and effective service which exceeds their expectations. The SEO Geek has a proven track record which highlights our continual pledge to offering bespoke SEO services tailored specifically to our client’s needs, consistently providing outstanding results through inventive search marketing practices.

An Manchester based company, we pride ourselves in forming traffic boosts to your website that can make the difference between you being a standard business and a hugely successful one. Our vision is to help you improve your success and ensure that you are always at the forefront of your market through exceptional SEO services.

Attracting appropriate traffic to your website is vital for website growth in the future, but the true benefit arrives with appropriate conversion rates and an appealing, informative website that turns them into repeat clients over and over again. The SEO Geek team – driven by a dedicated Client Manager for each project – will evaluate your website to determine what improvements can be made in order to improve its visibility across all the major search engines and beyond.

The SEO Geek believes in the importance of communication and ensure that clients are updated throughout all stages of the project.

Our overall goal at SEO Geek is to ensure your website reaches its optimum potential on the global stage of the online world. If we sound like a company that you would like to partner with then please feel free to contact us today.

The SEO enterprise is headed up by Matthew Wood, who after nearly a decade of experience with ranking his own personal sites on the first pages and top three positions of all the major search engines, decided to offer his service to others due to the demand and requests he received.

If you choose to purchase SEO services through the SEO geek, my team will immediately commence with optimizing your website and your link buiding program, which will gradually start to increase your rankings in Google, MSN and Yahoo, as well as the other search engines.

I understand how every penny counts when you run a business, and therefore most business owners prefer to keep overheads to a minimum. If you own a website, it needs to be seen on the online stage. Sadly this can cost thousands of pounds for the privilege. I have a team that can produce the results your site deserves for a fraction of the cost.

Over each month of SEO, we make sure your web site is up to date with optimization. We find out what keywords users are searching for in your field. We will create a custom links page for your website, seek out Link Partners for you and trade links with them. The links we find for your website will increase your Page Rank and link popularity, thus increasing your search engine rankings. We will continue to find link partners and optimize your website on a monthly basis.

I very much look forward to helping you achieve prime location on the online stage!